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About The Stylist


Lisa Putnam

Owner/Master Stylist


"Together we can achieve greatness!"

Professional Info:

I'm a longtime stylist of the Hair Industry, with over 30 years of experience

in a career that I could never call a job. I absolutely love people and making

them feel better about themselves.  I keep up with the most recent trends and 

always like to apply it in the work place so that I don’t become a complacent stylist.

I worked for many years as an employee of a couple of hair salons before deciding 

it was time to start my own adventure.


I opened Giovanni’s Family Salon October 23rd 2011. It’s been wonderful and

I love all my customers. I believe in having integrity in my work. I will be honest

with you about what you need or don’t need. This business is not all about making

money but making sure my customer’s needs and wants are met to the best

of my ability. To me, that is what my salon will always be about.


I hope to see you in my chair one day soon!


Personal Info:

I am happily married and am a mom to 6 beautiful children, 2 who are still at home. My 2 youngest girls have Cystic Fibrosis. I only mention this because sometimes they may be hospitalized and I may have to move my schedule around and you may see them at the salon with me too at times. I ask for your understanding and I promise that I will be considerate of your needs as well. It’s a very tasking invisible disease.

They may look completely normal to you on the outside but on the inside the

story is much different.


There is a Cystic Fibrosis Awareness page here on our 

website, so please take time to check it out!


Thank you for visiting us!


God Bless and Have a wonderful day!

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